How to Choose an App

I do presentations on mobile technology a few times a year, and give out a general handout for clients and therapists on “How to Choose an App.”  The tips include the following:

  • Keep it Simple – Start with the apps that come with the device.
  • Word of mouth – What do your friends/colleagues use? What do they like about it? See if you can try their app.
  • Official app stores – Stay with known providers (Eg. iTunes, Google Play, WindowsPhone or Blackberry World). When you download an app from an unknown website, you risk downloading an app with a virus.
  • Reviews on apps
    • Read reviews on iTunes, Google Play, WindowsPhone or Blackberry World – be cautious of overly praised (100% 5 star ratings) as “real” reviews will have a mixed rating
    • Google search for review of the app – include search words such as “best” or “favorite”
    • You-Tube search to see the app in action
  • Compatibility –Is the app compatible with your device (some iPad apps will not work on an iPhone; some Android apps will only work on certain Android phones; some apps will not work on older models of smartphones/tablets)
  • Is it up-to-date? Check when app was last updated – if hasn’t been updated for a few years, it might not work with newer devices or when the operating system gets updated.
  • Consider:
    • Ease of use of app and how it looks (clear vs clutter)
    • Internet connection – does it need the internet to work
    • Cost and what you get for it (are there advertisements or extra charges for all the options)
    • Account – Do you need to make an account to use app?
    • Privacy Policy – what information is shared?
  • Wait – Avoid downloading an app on the first day it is released – some apps are scams or don’t work properly –wait for reviews.

I’ve included a link to a pdf version below.  What tips do you have for choosing an app?

How to Choose an App rehabgadgets2go


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