Free online iPad basics course

I was developing a “hands-on” iPad basics course for therapists when I found this great resource:

gcf home page is a program of the Goodwill Industries of Eastern NC, Inc.  Their free-online courses are funded from the proceeds from Goodwill Stores and donations to the Goodwill Community Foundation.

gcf ipad basics top of page

The iPad Basics course is clearly written and uses screenshots, interactive pages and instructional videos.  The videos require a flash player which means they will not play on your iPad but will play on your computer if it has a flash player.  The course is written at a level that is easily understood by individuals who have had little experience with mobile technology.

gcf iPad basics outline

The course provides enough information to start using the iPad. I found this course easier to follow than trying to use the Apple user manual, because it uses more visual formats to show “how-to-do” things on your iPad.  The course has up-to-date information, including how to use iOS 7. also has a basic course for iPhones but not Android devices.  There are also a wide variety of technology courses ranging from using the internet (including email), Microsoft Office, Windows (including the new Windows 8) and more.

Now I can focus on the “hands-on” part of my inservice, and direct new users (therapists, clients and their family members) to this website as a resource.  GCF has impressed me so much that I am making a donation to their program.

What resources have you found for new users?


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