Caution updating Pillboxie and other apps!

Caution signPillboxie is one of my favorite medication reminder apps, and I have been meaning to do a review on them since this blog started.  I actually have written 2 reviews, but just before I would be ready to post, the app would get updated.  This time I thought I’d be smart and wait until iOS 7 arrived because I was sure the app would get another update.

Sure enough, a new update for Pillboxie was released today.  I noticed that on the update page, it says that the app “now requires a minimum of iOS 7”.

Pillboxie itunes

Caution should be used before updating this app if you already have it on your device.  If you are still using the old iOS 6 (and do not want to change to iOS 7) AND you decide to update your Pillboxie, the newly updated app may not work.  Likewise if you are still using the old iOS 6 and decide to purchase the new Pillboxie, the app may not work.

I am not sure if you will get a warning before you do the purchase or installation as I haven’t had the opportunity to try this.

So the take home message is to use caution and check the system requirements of any app before you purchase it or update it.

I am planning to do a review on the new Pillboxie, but it will take a week or so because I always want to test out the app before writing about it.  Stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “Caution updating Pillboxie and other apps!

  1. Thanks AD – I had a similar problem – the first time I used Pillboxie since I updated to iOS 7, it would crash when turning it on. That was fixed with an update on September 27. I am finding that there are a few quirks with it (eg. it seems slow to respond sometimes, but I am trying to discern if that is this app or iOS 7 as I have the same issues with some other apps).

    The developer is reputable and working on the issues. I will be in contact with her, and report back when I have written my review.

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