Goniometer app reviews by Medical App Journal

imedical app journalI recently discovered a new-to-me website, Medical App Journal.  They do peer reviews for medical apps.  I found this informative article, Smartphone as a clinical tool – Systematic Review of goniometer apps (posted September 18, 2013) written by Dan Rhon. The article rates 11 different apps that can be used as goniometers.  There are links to separate reviews of the goniometer apps, and links to purchasing the apps.  Most of the apps reviewed were only available on iOS devices, with the exception of “ROM Camera” app which was available on both iOS and Android.

The article explains that the range of motion is measured by using the motion sensor (accelerometer) and gyroscope on one’s phone.  It also indicates that iPhones older than the iPhone 4 do not have a gyroscope.

Dan Rhon talks about infection control implications using your smart phone as a goniometer.  For myself, I do not often require the use of a goniometer in my practice, but there have been times when I have been doing a home visit, and wished I had remembered to bring my goniometer from the office.  Having a goniometer app would be helpful in those situations.

Do you have a favorite goniometer app?  Any suggestions for goniometer apps for Android, Windows or Blackberry phones?


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