Should I update to iOS 7?

iOS 7 logoApple released its new operating system iOS 7 yesterday.  The operating system is what controls your iDevice.  If you have an older device (iPhone original, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4GS, iPad original) you will not be able to update to iOS 7.  Any newer device than those can be updated by going to your Settings – General – Software Update.

When you try to update to iOS 7, it will let you know if you have enough memory to install the update. If the memory on your device is almost full (on your device go to Settings – General – Usage – Storage) you may need to delete some apps/music to free up some storage in order to install iOS 7.  It is recommended you back up your device before you install iOS 7.  Installing iOS 7 is not as difficult as it sounds though I usually recommend that people wait a couple of weeks to install the new iOS.  This is because there are over 700 million iOS devices in the world, and their users will all be trying to download iOS.  I remember it took me hours to download iOS 5.  It took me almost an hour to download iOS 7 last night.

The new iOS 7 looks different and has made several significant changes to how to use your iDevice.  These changes will make it easier for some people to use their device, but can also make it more difficult for users.  A person with memory difficulties may find it harder to use their device because they need to learn how to recognize new symbols and to use new gestures to operate their iDevice.

For example, the “slide to open” is more transparent when turning on your iDevice.  This may make it harder to see for some individuals.

slide to open

Here is a screenshot of my homescreen before the update.

homescreen ios 6

Here is a screenshot after the update (note:  a few icons are new to this homescreen, like Fitbit, because the old homescreen was taken a few months ago).  Photos, Calendar, YouTube and Contacts look quite different.

homescreen ios 7

If you want to know how your iDevice will look different after the update, you can go to’s iOS 7 Review.  This article has helpful photos of screen shots before/after the update.

To get step by step directions on how to update your iDevice, you can check out’s How to update to iOS 7 over Wi-Fi or’s How to update to iOS 7 over iTunes.

iOS 7 has some very exciting changes to its accessibility options.  I will post more on this when I have had more time to try it out.

Overall I am glad to have updated to iOS 7, and would recommend it for most people.  For some individuals who have significant memory issues, I might recommend keeping their old system, iOS 6.  What are your plans?


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