Mobile Technology is not always the solution

I promise not to post many non-rehab related videos, but this caught my eye today, made me laugh, and it does have a point about mobile technology in a round about way.

I found this first on – here is the link to the You-Tube video

Emma Paper wins over iPad

I have been doing presentations on mobile technology over the past 2 months, and one exercise I do with my audience is a “Strategy Showdown”.  I have people put their smartphones to sleep, or have them close their daytimers/calendar.  I then present them with a date and time on the screen, and the audience is asked to go to that date and time on their device or book as fast as they can.  Consistently the people with books find the date faster than people with smartphones or tablets (and those using Siri on their Apple device are often last).  I love my iPhone and iPad (my husband is very tolerant of this!) but its not always the answer, and shouldn’t be the first thing we turn to as therapists.  Consider the goals of your client and the demands of the task.

Does anyone know what Le Trefle is?


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