– great web resource on Brain Injury is a very useful brain injury web resource for clinicians and clients.  I have it bookmarked on my iPhone, and share it with my clients and colleagues.  Brainstreams describes itself as “an online education and networking site for the Brain Injury Community in B.C. and beyond”.

It has three streams:  Learn, Connect and Find.

Finddescribes what resources are available in the province of British Columbia, Canada.

brainstreams find2

Connectshares stories from brain injury survivors, and also is a place to “Ask the Experts”.  Some topics covered include:

brainstreams connect

Learnhas videos and articles on brain injury.  Information includes topics on:

breath meditation

Brainstreams has an incredible wealth of information on brain injury. While some of the information is specific to British Columbia, much of the information is useful for all people who have a connection to brain injury. If you are looking for specific information, I find using the Search button helpful – there is so much information on this site!

Have you had a chance to check out Brainstreams?  What are your favorite sections on Brainstreams?


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