Update on Photo Transfer App

I have been meaning to update my review on Photo Transfer App since last December, but Christmas festivities and a flooded basement slowed me down.

Photo Transfer App is still my favorite app of the year (to see my original post go here).  It is an app that allows you to wirelessly transfer photos and videos between mobile devices (Apple or Android) and computers (PC or Mac).

The four main improvements I see in the update are:

1) Can use BlueTooth instead of WiFi to transfer photos

2)  Added security step (asks for confirmation before sending)

3) Can download a free app to your computer to use WiFi to transfer to/from your mobile devices

4)  Detailed “Help” section added

Using BlueTooth

If there is no WiFi available, BlueTooth can now be used to transfer photos.

Some of you may be wondering what the difference is between BlueTooth and WiFi.  Both use radio waves to provide wireless connections, but BlueTooth is mainly used to wirelessly connect devices to devices (think “replacing a cable that connects your devices to each other”), while WiFi is used to provide wireless access to the Internet. BlueTooth usually has a shorter range than WiFi.

To access the BlueTooth, simply select the use BlueTooth icon in the bottom left hand corner, and follow the prompts.

BlueTooth link

Note that you can’t transfer videos over BlueTooth.

BlueTooth Instructions

Additional Security

In the previous version, it was possible that an unintended recipient would be able to receive your photos/video.  It would require that they be able to access the same WiFi network, have the same Photo Transfer App on their device, have the app open at the same time that you were transfering your photos, AND also have the app in receive mode after you have selected your photos to transfer.

PhotoTransfer App now has a confirmation step.  After selecting your photos to transfer, the receiving device will be told that Authorization is required.

Authorization req

On the sending device, the following message will appear. You have the option to “always” accept that specific device, so this step does not always need to be performed.

second confirmationIf you had selected “always” accept this device, and change your mind at a later date, you can go to Settings on the home page and “forget” the device.

Go to settings

settings page

If you are using the manual method of transferring photos by entering the web address (IP address for your WiFi), you can enter a “Web Page Password” on the Settings screen so that the receiving person needs to enter a password before the photos/video will be transferred.

Photo Transfer App for Computer

To save some steps, you can also install Photo Transfer App for free onto your computer.  Your computer will need to be on the same WiFi as your device. You can still transfer photos/videos without having the free app on your computer.  (My home computer is not on Wifi, so I have not had a chance to try this transfer using the free computer app).

Detailed Help Section

At the bottom of the home screen is a link to a detailed Help section outlining all the steps for the different types of transfers.


It took me longer to learn to use this new version, than the previous version but the changes are very practical and worth the extra steps.  Photos and videos are transferred to your computer as a zip file.  If you are having trouble finding the downloaded files on your Windows computer, click on the Windows icon in the bottom left hand corner of your screen.  Then click on “Computer” on the right hand side.  In the next screen, click on “downloads” (under Favorites) and you should be able to find your photos/videos in a “photos.zip” file.

Price:  $2.99 iTunes, $2.08 Google Play


Compatibility:  iPhone,iPod, iPad.  Requires iOS 4.3 or later.   This app is optimized for  iPhone 5.  Separate app available for Android.

You can check it out at the iTunes store or for Android at Google Play

Has anyone had a chance to try transferring between Android and Apple devices?  If so let us know how it worked.


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