Google Maps for iPhone is back!!!

Google released its map version for the iPhone last week, much to my relief.  I have been frustrated with Apple’s own Maps as it was still making errors on major Vancouver streets for me.

Google Maps returns with its public transit directions, and has added voice guided turn by turn directions and street views. I found that it took some playing around to figure out how to use some of these new options.  For those who prefer instructions instead of exploration, I found an excellent step-by-step post on how to use the new google maps on by Allyson Kazmucha. This can also be a helpful link for our clients.

The one thing that I find missing is that there is no link to your Contacts.  Part of this can be resolved if you set up a personal profile on your Google Map. To do this, tap on the person icon in the right hand corner.


It will take you to the Personal Profile page, where you can learn more about this feature and sign up. While there are many advantages to using this feature, it involves signing into your Google account, and saving map contact information on your Google account. Google will also collect location data information from you.  If you sign up for the Personal Profile and want to opt out of the data collection you can check out’s article by Jesse Hollington on how to turn of location data collection in google maps.

I had a problem with Google Maps showing up on my iPhone but not on my iPad.  I usually download new apps onto my computer first, and then sync to my iDevices.  I learned that some apps made specifically for iPhone need to be manually downloaded onto your iPad.

To do this, I went to the App store on my iPad, and searched for Google Maps.  It didn’t show, so I tapped on “iPhone Apps.”

IMG_0534Google Maps now shows up on the Search.  I tapped on “OPEN” and the app was installed onto my iPad.


Price:  Free

Seller: Google Inc.

Compatibility:  iPhone,iPod, iPad.  Requires 5.1 iOS or later. Optomized for the iPhone 5

You can check this app out at the iTunes app store Google Maps

Have you had a chance to use the new features on Google Maps?  What did you think?


One thought on “Google Maps for iPhone is back!!!

  1. Although Apple Maps have improved dramatically since their initial release, it’s no doubt that Google is still the king in this area. Their Maps app surpasses any other, without a doubt.

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