Photo Transfer App – my favorite app of the year

I recently purchased an iPad with plans to do my photo editing on it.   I had been using my iPhone for this, but once you start using an iPad, the screen on your iPhone will seem miniscule.  I had hoped to download my iPhone photos that were stored on my computer to my iPad, but discovered that you must either use iTunes to do this or you need to email your photos to your iPad.  If you use iTunes to synch your photos from your computer, you will not be able to delete your photos directly from your iPad – you will need to delete them from your iTunes account, and then resynch your iPad to your iTunes account.  Too many frustrating steps for me.

Enter Photo Transfer App.  This app allows you to transfer photos from one mobile device to another, and also from your computer to/from your mobile device.  It does this over your local Wi-Fi network, meaning the photos are not stored in an external server.  You need to have the app installed on both devices. Both devices need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. The app is available for both Apple and Android devices.

The photos transfer in full resolution (maintains same quality) and the photo metadata (information on photo settings and location) is kept intact.  You can also transfer videos.

The app is incredibly simple to use.  To send photos from my iPhone to my iPad, I simply tap on “Send” from the app on my iPhone.

IMG_0481Then I select where I want to send them – I tap on “Another iPhone or iPad” to send it to my iPad.

IMG_0482I tap on “Select” and choose my photos.  I can transfer up to 100 photos at a time!

IMG_0480Then I go to Photo Transfer App on my iPad, and select”Receive”. IMG_0481

Then I select receive from “iPhone or Ipad”.


The app on my iPad will search for devices, and then it will show the name of my sending device.  I select “get photos” and the downloading starts.  It took approximate 1.5 seconds per photo, so 100 photos transferred in a mere 2.5 minutes.

IMG_0489While Photo Transfer App is not technically a therapy app, it is my favorite app of the year because I am constantly using my iPhone to create educational material, home exercise programs, and presentations. If your clients’ leisure activity is photography, they will find this a very valuable app.  I think this is an easier way to transfer photos than synching it with your computer.  The iCloud can also transfer your photos automatically, but I prefer to have more control over my photo libraries.  Photo Transfer App can also be used to share photos between friends’ mobile devices.  The Android website says you can transfer photos (but not videos) from Android to iOS devices.  I am not sure how well this works, but will post in the comment section when I get a chance to try this with a friend’s Android device.

For security, I would recommend that you transfer your photos over secure Wi-Fi where you know the other users.  There is no password for the Photo Transfer App, so using Wi-Fi with a password adds extra security.

Price:  $2.99 iTunes, $2.08 Google Play


Compatibility:  iPhone,iPod, iPad.  Requires iOS 4.3 or later.   This app is optimized for  iPhone 5.  Separate app available for Android.

You can check it out at the iTunes store or for Android at Google Play

Do you know of any other easy ways to transfer photos? Let us know what works best for you.


14 thoughts on “Photo Transfer App – my favorite app of the year

    • You’re welcome. I felt the same way when I started using it – it has saved me a lot of time.
      My S-LP colleagues and I have been using your apps, and find them a great help. Thank you for developing them.

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    • Thanks Karen! Dropbox is an app that I’ve used to work on group projects, but I haven’t had the time to explore all the great things that it can do. Will check it out more over the holidays (time is going by so fast!).

  2. does this work for video as well? I can’t ever get a full video clip to transfer from my phone to computer or another device:( hoping this is the solution!

    • Sometimes they are two or three minutes long. We are using iPads as a way of creating social stories or for video modeling interventions but would like to transfer the videos to some computers for documentation purposes, or to have the videos located in several locations if the student travels between classrooms. We do not sync our iPads to computers so it’s been difficult finding ways to transfer the clips. So far I can use google drive to do this, but it’s a lot of steps to go through. Thanks for checking it out for me!

      • Hi Darla – I just tried downloading a 2 minute video in different ways (iPhone to iPad, iPad to computer, computer to iPad) and it worked each time. You can only transfer 1 video at a time, and it needs to be in .MOV, .M4V or MP4 format (my original videos were done on my iPhone). Your devices need to be on the same wi-fi network.

        I didn’t need to download a Photo Transfer App onto my Windows computer in order to transfer photos from my computer to my iPad (or from iPad to computer). What I needed to do is go to my computer’s web browser, and enter an address that was given to me by the Photo Transfer app on my iPad. The download worked quickly and easily!

        The address that was given to me by the Photo Transfer App was my IP address.

        The Photo Transfer App website said that “Some networks [ hotel, corporate, or public networks] are configured to prevent communication between devices. If this is the case please try using a different wifi network. You can also create an ‘ad-hoc’ network between your computer and device”. The website gives instructions on how to create an “ad-hoc” network.

        The website has videos and written instructions showing how to transfer photos/videos from your device to computer

        I am glad you asked this question – I was putting off trying to see how the downloading to computer worked because I thought it would take a lot of time. The actual figuring out how to download the video took less time than it took to write this reply!

        If you are transferring videos that could contain confidential information, you may want to consult with your IT people to see if this process meets your privacy standards.

        Let me know how it works for you.

      • Thanks! That was really helpful and I greatly appreciate it. You’ve just helped me solve a problem that keeps coming up over and over again:)

  3. UPDATE – Wouldn’t you know that a couple days after writing this post, Photo Transfer App would go and update their app.

    They have added more security to the app (it will ask for confirmation before transferring to the other device) – this is a feature that I think makes it worthwhile. There are more steps involved to do the transfer which makes it a bit harder to use (especially for clients with cognitive difficulties).

    If you have downloaded the app, and like the simplicity, I would recommend holding off on the update. I will write a new post in the next couple of days with photos to show how the new version works (or you can go to their website to see the new screen shots at )

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