Tactus Therapy Solutions on sale

Tactus Therapy Solutions produces professional speech therapy apps.  The apps are designed for all ages, and are appropriate for adults.  All Tactus Therapy apps are on sale for the month of November, as noted on their blog here.

Tactus Therapy has an app package, called Language Therappy,  that combines 4 of their main speech apps for individuals with aphasia.  It regularly costs $59.99 but is on sale for $54.99. This app is also available as Language Therappy Lite – a free version so you can try out the app before deciding to purchase it. For a review on Language Therappy Lite, check out TherapyApp411’s review by a speech therapist here. The Language Therappy app is compatible with iPad and iPhone/iPod.  If you are using this app with  iPhone or iPod you will find it helpful to use a stylus to activate the small icons.

With Black Friday sales starting this weekend, it is possible to save more on this app by purchasing iTune cards on sale.  London Drugs has $100 iTune cards on sale for $79.99 (November 23, 24, and 25th only). If I hear about more sales, I will post them on the blog (and feel free to post in our comment section if you hear of other iTune card sales).

Have you used any of Tactus Therapy apps? What are your thoughts?


One thought on “Tactus Therapy Solutions on sale

  1. Safeway has iTunes cards on sale from November 23 to Dec 6. 20% off a $30 Multipack (has 3 $10 cards) and 20% off a $50 iTunes card.

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