Qcard – Unique Memory App

Qcard is a new memory app designed by an ABI (Acquired Brain Injury) survivor for ABI survivors.  I like its clean design, and the app is well thought out.

It has 3 types of colour coded reminders or “Qcards” that you can set:

  1. Quick Reminders – reminders to do short simple tasks (eg. take your pills, phone a friend on a certain date, go grocery shopping)
  2. Guided Tasks – step by step reminders to do tasks with multiple steps (eg. do the laundry)
  3. Appointments – reminders to go to appointments

The reminder alert is a short two toned chime that will repeat at one minute intervals, until you respond to it.

Qcard differs from many other “reminder apps” in its “Appointments” and Guided Tasks”.  The “Appointments” allow you to record your appointment time, and set times when you want to be reminded about the upcoming appointment.  It also allows you to set a reminder when to leave for your appointment so you won’t be late.  You can also use your Contacts to enter the appointment information so that you don’t have to type in name/address for each appoiintment (note: it does not synch with your calendar).

The “Guided Tasks” is a very unique feature of this app.  For example, you can set a guided task for doing laundry, and it will remind you at scheduled times to go to the next step such as “put the laundry in the dryer” and ‘take the laundry out of the dryer” (who hasn’t forgotten to move their laundry to the dryer late at night?).  You can also save this task as a favorite, so that you don’t have to re-enter everything each time you want to use it.

It took me some time to figure out how to set up a “Guided Task”, so I have made a step-by-step guide on Snapguide, “How to use Qcard to do laundry“.  You can see what steps are involved, in order to help you assess if this app is appropriate for your client.

The developer has been very prompt in answering any questions I had about Qcard.  To see what more Qcard can do, check out its website www.qcard.ca

Price:  $4.99

Seller: Sergio Di Giovanni

Compatibility:  iPhone,iPod, iPad.  Requires 5.1 iOS or later.

You can check this app out at the iTunes app store Qcard

Have you had a chance to use Qcard?  What do you like using it for?


One thought on “Qcard – Unique Memory App

  1. I was able to view Snapguide on my home computer but was having trouble viewing Snapguide on other computers. I wasn’t able to advance the photos in the guide, and I wasn’t able to get the search function to work. I contacted the developer and found out that Snapguide does not work well on older versions of Internet Explorer of Firefox. If you are having trouble viewing Snapguide, try updating your browser or use your iDevice to view the guide.

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