Confidentiality – NoIMGdata

When you take a photo on your smartphone, it will also store information in the photo about when and where the photo was taken.  This is called EXIF (Exchangeable image file format) data.  It is then possible to determine the location of where the photo was taken, and this can potentially compromise client confidentiality.  The solution to this is to turn off “location services” for your camera (on the iPhone go to “Settings” – “Location Services” – and then scroll down to “Camera” and turn it off).

If you are unsure if your photo has location data stored on it, you can use the app NoIMGdata to checkfor location data and remove the location data.



1.  Tap on the blue arrow button to load the image from your photo album.








2.  Your photo will appear in the bottom left corner, and next to the photo, it will say if there is “No Location Data”, or in this example it says”Location Data found”.  To see what data is stored, tap on “View EXIF”








3.  Scroll through the metadata, and you will find the Longitude and Latitude information where the photo was taken.  A map on the right side will show where the photo was taken.  Tap on “Done” to get back to the “clear metadata from images” page.








4.  Slide the bar to “Clear ALL metadata” if you want to remove all the information, and then tap on the “Remove” blue button








5.  The app now shows that there is “No Location Data”, and it has saved the photo to your camera roll.  After doing this, you can delete the original photo so that there is no personal information regarding location stored in your iPhone.

NoIMGdata developer: DevStorm

Costs $1.99.  Check it out at the App store  NoIMGdata
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch (3rd and 4th generation), and iPad.  Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

Do you use any other similar apps?  and do you know of any similar apps for Android and other smartphones?


One thought on “Confidentiality – NoIMGdata

  1. I noticed that while the longitude and latitude of my photo were correct, the map presented by NoIMGdata was not showing the exact location of where I took my photo. I contacted the developer about this and got an immediate reply back. The developer was professional and appreciative, and within a very short time there was an app update, and the map now shows the correct location.

    In choosing apps, I have found that having professional support from the developer is very important. Some app developers produce their app, and then abandon it. This can lead to problems if the iOS changes, and the app needs to be updated. I was very pleased by the response I received from DevStorm, the developer of NoIMGdata. DevStorm is definitely committed to their products and their customers.

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