Voice Reminders! VoCal XL

Voice Reminders! VoCal XL is a free iPhone app by GZero Ltd that allows one to make calendar entries by recording your own voice message instead of having to enter the text.  In addition to recording appointments, reminders can be set to do activities at a certain time of day.  Dates/times are entered by scrolling, and various reminder sounds can be selected, including using your own voice instead of the computer generated voice. Playback of the appointment/reminder message is the voice recording. (note:  the app does not convert spoken word to text – it plays back the voice recording).

This app would be helpful for people who 1) want to make quick calendar or reminder entries without typing or for those who have difficulty typing 2) or for those who have difficulty reading. This free version allows up to 5 alarms at one time, and has advertisements in it.  The paid version (VoCal Voice Reminders for $5.99) does not have advertisements, and you can set unlimited number of entries/alarms.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad .  Requires iOS 4.1 or later.

You can check it out at the App store  VoCal XL

What calendar apps have you found helpful?


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